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Body Mass Index (BMI) Singapore


Comprehensive Overview of BMI

The current leading indicator for average civilians across the world is the Body Mass Index (BMI) and is a fairly accurate representation of an underweight, overweight, normal or obese person, based on his or her height.

Although BMI is not one of the most effective ways for testing our body fat percentages, it is a fairly accurate assessment for the state of our body. One that is under nourished would find that their body mass is too low and vice versa. Currently the best and most cost effective method on the market, it serves us well to provide us with a warning if we are at risk of getting health problems due to obesity.

The BMI simply put serves as an indicator towards an ideal weight. This ideal weight can be found easily through the identification of our BMI with a height and weight measurement.

You’d firstly need the proper unit of measure such as pounds/feet or kg/cm. This is known as the metric system and all you need to do is input this data into a BMI calculator found on the right side of the site. After you’ve acquired your BMI, refer to the table stated below to find out your classification.

With the data of your ideal weight in hand, you are finally able to create a sustainable plan to finally achieve your ideal weight.

First things first, find the root problem of the cause that made you overweight to begin with. We have to bear in mind that the plan is to get a permanent loss in weight and so factors that caused your weight to shoot up needs to be figured out.

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